Jaguar ECU Remapping


Smart Remaps are proud to offer performance ECU tuning and engine remapping of Englands prestigious Jaguar brand. Offering full custom ECU tuning of almost all models of the jaguar range.
In fact we were the first company in the UK to dyno tune and develop OBD tuning for the 5.0 XKR, XF and XJR and ecu remapping for the Jaguar 5.0 supercharged range of vehicles. (and we always have a Jaguar XK in our own stable)


With a Smart Remaps remap the power beauty and soul of your Jaguar will be enhanced, our tuning packages will improve the driveability, smoothing out and increased the power and torque delivery, along with improved throttle response.


We can also supply a range or Jaguar performance products including Jaguar performance and stainless steel exhausts, performance catalytic convertors, air induction systems, Jaguar super charger pulleys, grilles, suspension and track day Jaguar tuning.


Model Fuel Std Bhp Gain Bhp Gain Nm
S-TYPE 2.7D V6 DIESEL 206 45 85
XF 2.7D V6 DIESEL 204 45 100
XF 4.2 V8 PETROL 293 25 30
XJ 2.7D V6 DIESEL 204 45 100
XK 4.2 V8 PETROL 293 25 30
XKR 4.2 V8 PETROL 420 25 30
X-TYPE 2.0 TDCI DIESEL 130 35 70
X-TYPE 2.2 TDCI DIESEL 155 35 70


If your Jaguar is not listed in this tuning list please contact us with your vehicle details and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know what we can do.