Audi A4 – Performance Remap

Here is an Audi A4 3.0 TDI ECU being tuned on the bench. Although we can remap most VAG cars through the obd port this ecu EDC17CP14 has anti-tune protected which means we have to remove the ecu to allow us to remap it.

Gains of 45bhp, 100 nm torque and fuel savings of approx 12%.


VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI Remap

**** VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI 2010 140 Bhp ****

Performance Remap
+40 BhpVW Scirocco Remap 3
+80 Nm Torque

** Alloys Wheels Refurbished & Powder Coated in Gloss Black **

We can remap most of the VAG’S through the OBD port, but there are some like this one with an EDC17 CP14 ECU which has anti tune software enabled so we had to remove the ECU and bench tune it. As with all remaps we carried out an initial diagnostic check to make sure the car was in a healthy state. With impressive gains of 40 Bhp and 80 Nm torque the customer should expect to smoother more progressive delivery of power with a sharper and quicker throttle response. As an added bonus fuel efficiency will improve by approx 10%.

We also refurbished and powder coated the wheels in Gloss Black. This involved removing the tyres, chemically stripping the wheels back down to bare metal, bead blasting and a 3 stage powder coating process which includes oven curing. Finally tyres are refitted and the wheels are balanced. We always refurbish the whole wheel inside out so the rest of the wheel looks as good as the front.

We have some good combo deals on at the moment, call us today on 0161 883 0622 to find out what we can do for your car.  VW Scirocco Remap 1VW Scirocco Wheels 1 mon VW Scirocco Wheels 2 VW Scirocco Wheels 3

BMW X6 Remap

BMW X6 XDrive 30D Remap E71 (Standard Bhp 235)

Performance Remap


+75Nm Torque


Here is a BMW X6 which we tuned recently. The customer was looking for maximum power gains and that is exactly what we gave him. Even though this vehicle is on a 2010 plate, it has a Bosch EDC16 ECU making it a straight forward remap through the OBD port. With impressive gains of 40bhp and 75nm torque it’s like driving away in a completely different car. Throttle response is vastly improved and with the extra power makes it a much better car to drive. Driven moderately it will also improve fuel consumption as an added bonus.

Audi A4 Remap | ECU Tuning

Audi A4 Remap 2.0 TDI (Standard BHP 143)

Performance Remap


+85Nm Torque

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 143 PerfWe absolutely love remapping these cars, in fact we love remapping all VAG (Volkswagen-Audi Group) vehicles.  They are probably the most tunable cars out there, not necessarily in terms of just power gains( although you get plenty of it), but the overall drivability is immense. You will not be disappointed.


A smoother, more progressive delievry of power strarting at the bottom end rpm right to the top end rpm (Unlike other remaps we have seen where you will get plenty of power at the bottom but tends to fade away).  The customer also noticed a much quicker and sharper throttle response with no turbo lag and a smoother gear change.  The owner of this vehicle should also expect to see fuel gains of approx 8%.

For more information on tuning options for your Audi please visit or call us on 0161 883 0622.


BMW X1 Remap | Bespoke Tuning

BMW X1 Remap E84 (Standard BHP 177)

Performance Remap


+75Nm Torque

The ECU in this BMW X1 E84 had anti-tune protection enabled.  This means the usual method of communication with the ECU via the OBD Port is not possible.  We removed the ECU from the vehicle and connected to it directly as shown in the picture  below. This allowed us to read the data from the ECU and modify it according to the owners requirements.  We always write custom tuned maps for every vehicle we tune taking into account specific requirements each customer may have and their driving styles and habits.

The owner of this BMW X1 opted for a performance remap which will offer strong power and torque gains along with sharper throttle response and a wider power band.  Needless to say the owner was very impressed with the results.BMW X1 Remap ECU BMW X1 Remap

For more information on tuning options for your BMW please visit or call us on 0161 883 0622.

Volkswagen VW | Particulate Filter

VW Passat DPF VW Caravelle DPF EGR 2.5 VW Golf 2.0 TDI DPF Blend VW Touran Perf

The typical symptoms of a dpf problem on a VW vehicle are Limp Mode (loss of power, and 3 warnings lights which are the dpf warning light, engine management and the glow plug indicator light as shown in the picture below.

VW DPF Lights

If you are having problems with your VW’s DPF please call us on 0161 883 0622.

All our DPF Removal Services come with a full diagnostics of the vehicle engine management system and DPF system and includes a remap for enhanced Performance and / or improved fuel efficiency.


*Lifetime Warranty

Mazda DPF Removed | Software Deleted

Mazda 5 DPF Mazda 6 DPF

Here are just 2 of the 100’s of Mazda’s Smart Remaps in Manchester have carried out DPF Removal’s on, saving our customers £1000’s.

Specifically on Mazda vehicles, the DPF light may come on for a number of other reasons and the DPF may not be be blocked.  Bring your vehicle to us for a full diagnostics.

If you are having problems with your Mazda’s DPF please  call us on 0161 883 0622 or email us to discuss your options.

BMW Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

BMW 530D M Sport (232BHP)

DPF Removal, DPF Delete and Performance Remap

Power Increase: 42Bhp
Torque Increase: 90Nm


The owner of this BMW 530D had a replacement DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted at BMW Dealers at a cost of approximately £1800 only 13 months ago. The blocked DPF was causing substantial power loss and was impacting fuel economy drastically.   Unwilling to spend a further £1800 on a replacement DPF, the owner contacted us for our DPF Removal Service.  As always we carried out  full diagnostics which confirmed the DPF was blocked also there were faults with the EGR.  We removed the DPF, blanked off the EGR and reprogrammed the ECU (DPF Delete & EGR Delete).  We also remapped the vehicle to give approx an extra 42 Bhp and make it approx 15% more fuel efficient.

EGR Faults are quite common as was the case with this vehicle, however we can also safely remove the EGR operation from the vehicle permanently.

We can carry out our DPF Removal Service on all BMW’s, including BMW 118D, BMW 120D,  BMW 320D,  BMW 535D, BMW 730D. Here are some of th cars we have worked on:

BMW X3 DPF BMW 520D M Sport Touring DPF 177 BMW 330D DPF EGR BMW 530D DPF BMW 320D DPF

If you are having DPF problems,please call us to discuss your options.

Audi DPF Delete

Audi A3 S Line 2.0 TDI (170BHP)

Audi DPF Removal,  Audi DPF Delete and Performance Remap

Power Increase: 40Bhp
Torque Increase: 85Nm

A3DPFThis Audi A3 come to us with the typical DPF problems. The DPF, engine management and glow plug lights were on. The car was also in limp mode which made it nearly impossible to drive and continued driving could have caused other major problems.

We carried out a full diagnostics which confirmed the DPF was 80% blocked.  The next course of action was to physically remove the DPF from the exhaust system and reprogramme the ECU to disable the DPF functions as they are no longer required.   As with all DPF Removal’s we only remove the filter from within the  casing which holds the DPF.  Prior to reprogramming the ECU we used our dealer level diagnostics tool to erase all the fault codes and reset all the DPF counters.  We also remapped the car to increase power/performance by 40Bhp and make it more fuel efficient with approximate fuel savings of 10%.  The remap is offered for free as part of the DPF Removal Service.

All our DPF Removal services come with a lifetime warranty and insurance backed guarantee.


DPF Removal is available on all the Audi range, including Audi A1, Audi A2, Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A5, Audi A6, Audi A7 and Audi A8.


Audi A3 4 DPF aUDI A3 5 aUDI A3 6 Audi A3 DPF 3 Audi A6 DPF

If you are having DPF problems,please call us on 0161 8830662 or email to discuss your options.

DSG Tuning and Performance

Smart Remaps has developed an amazing range of DSG Gearbox tuning services. The DSG gear box tuning carried out is an excellent compliment to Smart Remaps ECU remapping and engine tuning services. Just like our range of ECU remapping tuning, each DSG Gearbox tuning file is written specifically for the vehicle and driver that it is intended for, the DSG Gearbox tuning can be custom tailored to the drivers and vehicles requirements – each file can include launch control, shift and torque limiter functions and setting adjustments to give you the ultimate driving experience.

Get Your Tuning Really Into Gear!

Get Your Tuning Really Into Gear!

Light modifications to the DSG gear box can be made to improved shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness, event if you are not a track day driver, all drivers will enjoy these changes.

For more demanding and “spirited” drivers we can go further custom with our DSG gearbox tuning, this is highly suitable for modified and tuned vehicles, as well as the custom engine tuning we offer, the dsg gearbox tuning can ensure your engines performance and vehicles modifications are really working in harmony with your gearbox, i.e. performance exhausts, cats, (or de-cat), DPF deletions, supercharger and turbo upgrades can all be brought to life.

With fully custom DSG Gearbox tuning, including launch control, torque settings and enhanced shift points to suit your vehicle set up the difference after tuning will be dramatic, making the use of your DSG so much more fore filling and much closer to a track experience and performance.

Custom DSG Software Tuning with Smart Remaps :

  • Increased Shift Response:

The shift response has been increased by up to 20% giving a smoother transition, leading to a decrease in unnecessary clutch slippage under full load accelerations, which reduces clutch wear.

With increased shift time you also get an improved paddle-reaction-time by up to 40% in S-mode.

  • Torque Limit Increase:

This is normally changed as part of engine tuning, but if your gear box is not tuned too, you are missing out!

Through tuning the DSG Gearbox’s ability to transmit torque from 350 Nm up to 550 Nm while still ensuring the stability and capability of all the mechanical moving hardware within the DSG gearbox. Torque limit both with our engine ecu tuning and now DSG is custom tuneable to your specification.

  • Increased Red Line:

Again, just like torque limiter tuning, its no good changing your engine rpm, if your gear box too is limited, now with our DSG tuning, all components can work in perfect harmony.

Increasing the shift points gives you the command of your engine’s power in the upper RPM range; we have raised the DSG transmission’s rev limit to work with your engines new power and tuning.

  • Launch Control:

With Smart Remaps DSG tuning launch control can be activated on most vehicles.

A perfect launch can now be achieved releasing maximum 0-60 acceleration; this is one of the best ways to show off your vehicles performance and tuning, and its great fun too!

If you are looking to take your tuning to the next level, and bring all your modifications and engine tuning in harmony with your gearbox, DSG Gear box tuning is here. And like all Smart Remaps tuning and performance products DSG tuning comes with our no quibble money back guarantee and insurance.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help you reach the next level