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Audi A4 Remap 2.0 TDI (Standard BHP 143)

Performance Remap


+85Nm Torque

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 143 PerfWe absolutely love remapping these cars, in fact we love remapping all VAG (Volkswagen-Audi Group) vehicles.  They are probably the most tunable cars out there, not necessarily in terms of just power gains( although you get plenty of it), but the overall drivability is immense. You will not be disappointed.


A smoother, more progressive delievry of power strarting at the bottom end rpm right to the top end rpm (Unlike other remaps we have seen where you will get plenty of power at the bottom but tends to fade away).  The customer also noticed a much quicker and sharper throttle response with no turbo lag and a smoother gear change.  The owner of this vehicle should also expect to see fuel gains of approx 8%.

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