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BMW X1 Remap E84 (Standard BHP 177)

Performance Remap


+75Nm Torque

The ECU in this BMW X1 E84 had anti-tune protection enabled.  This means the usual method of communication with the ECU via the OBD Port is not possible.  We removed the ECU from the vehicle and connected to it directly as shown in the picture  below. This allowed us to read the data from the ECU and modify it according to the owners requirements.  We always write custom tuned maps for every vehicle we tune taking into account specific requirements each customer may have and their driving styles and habits.

The owner of this BMW X1 opted for a performance remap which will offer strong power and torque gains along with sharper throttle response and a wider power band.  Needless to say the owner was very impressed with the results.BMW X1 Remap ECU BMW X1 Remap

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