A unique switchable system which allows you, the driver, to choose your vehicle's tuning.


V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based programmer that is truly simple to use and gives you ultimate flexibility in what you want from your vehicle. Designed to be used by the driver in the comfort of their own home it is capable of reading and writing tuning programmes for many different vehicle types. Uniquely, it can also store in its memory three different files dedicated to the same car – one original file and two tuned files.


You can tune your cars to your heart's content with the V-Switch allowing you to change the power output of the engine in a matter of minutes.


There are a number of combinations of tune available for each vehicle:


Choose and switch between up to 3 vehicle settings

  • Factory original
  • Maximum economy
  • Power and eco blend
  • Maximum power road
  • Track and Race-day
  • Valet mode (Reduced full power, ideal when you're not behind the wheel!)


V Switch Advantages

  • Truly simple home tuning
  • You can write the original programme before going to your dealer for servicing and inspection
  • Unlimited tunes allowed. You can re-programme the ECU of your car as often as you like
  • Maximum power road
  • Trouble codes can be read and deleted
  • You can re-use the V-switch with your next car, where possible, after selling the old one
  • Available via mail order


V Switch really means that you can have your cake and eat it. With a choice of three engine tuning maps at your finger tips, you can switch between vehicle tuning options, and the standard vehicle setting whenever you wish.