BMW Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

BMW 530D M Sport (232BHP)

DPF Removal, DPF Delete and Performance Remap

Power Increase: 42Bhp
Torque Increase: 90Nm


The owner of this BMW 530D had a replacement DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted at BMW Dealers at a cost of approximately £1800 only 13 months ago. The blocked DPF was causing substantial power loss and was impacting fuel economy drastically.   Unwilling to spend a further £1800 on a replacement DPF, the owner contacted us for our DPF Removal Service.  As always we carried out  full diagnostics which confirmed the DPF was blocked also there were faults with the EGR.  We removed the DPF, blanked off the EGR and reprogrammed the ECU (DPF Delete & EGR Delete).  We also remapped the vehicle to give approx an extra 42 Bhp and make it approx 15% more fuel efficient.

EGR Faults are quite common as was the case with this vehicle, however we can also safely remove the EGR operation from the vehicle permanently.

We can carry out our DPF Removal Service on all BMW’s, including BMW 118D, BMW 120D,  BMW 320D,  BMW 535D, BMW 730D. Here are some of th cars we have worked on:

BMW X3 DPF BMW 520D M Sport Touring DPF 177 BMW 330D DPF EGR BMW 530D DPF BMW 320D DPF

If you are having DPF problems,please call us to discuss your options.