Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal and Software Delete

  •  DPF Removal (Manchester) is becoming even more popular as more and more manufacturers of diesel vehicles are installing these components on their vehicles. As many people are unaware of what this component is or the existence of one until the problem occurs, here is a little information for you.

    A diesel particulate filter (or FAP) is component which is a connected to the cars exhaust system and is designed to remove the diesel particles or soot (Black Carbon) from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. As you drive the black carbon in the exhaust gas is trapped by the filter and is periodically burned off through its regeneration cycle, however this will only occur at high temperatures. This is not ideal if you are only doing short journeys, as the filter will still collate the carbon but unable to clean itself as the vehicle will not reach the temperature required for it to self-clean. Eventually the filter will become blocked, resulting in warning lights appearing on the cars dashboard and also in many cases causing a loss of power (Limp Mode), making the vehicle virtually un-drivable. The function of a filter are similar to a catalytic convertor however it traps bigger exhaust gas particles. There are also other reasons such as failure of fuel injectors, turbochargers and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve which also contribute to the deterioration of the filter with raw diesel or engine oil.

      Whilst in theory these components are a great idea to lower emissions and pollution from diesel engines unfortunately they tend to get blocked and this causes vehicle running problems. It’s often the low mileage drivers who get hit the hardest as the Diesel Particulate Filter does not get a chance to regenerate. Repair costs can be very expensive as replacement costs for a new unit can run into the £000’s for some car makes and models. These filters are installed in nearly all of the recent diesel vehicles, with some of the more popular ones known to cause issues being BMW - 320d, 330D, 335d, 530D, Audi A3 and Mazda 6.

    One solution we can offer to motorists is to have the DPF Removed and its functions disabled or deleted by modifying the software in the vehicles engine control unit (ECU). Smart Remaps in Manchester have been carrying out this service for a number of years with great success.

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    The Process

    Before we remove the filter from the vehicle we always carry out a full diagnostics. This will include using dealer level diagnostics tools to read the fault codes in the vehicle engine management system and also a manual back pressure test of the exhaust to check the blockage level. The pressure sensor will also be checked for any damage at this stage. Once it is confirmed that the it is blocked we proceed by removing the filter from the vehicle. Please note: The filter is in a metal casing which is a part of the exhaust system, we only remove the filter from within the casing. The next step is to re-programme the ECU to disable the DPF functions and carry out a remap for improved performance / drivability and better fuel efficiency. We also carry out the necessary procedure to reset all the fault codes and Particulate Filter related counters which are stored in the ECU.
    *Lifetime Warranty On This Service

    Case Studies

    Audi - http://www.smartremaps.co.uk/blog/audi-dpf-delete

    BMW - http://www.smartremaps.co.uk/blog/bmw-dpf-removal

    Mazda - http://www.smartremaps.co.uk/blog/mazda-dpf-removal-remap

    VW - http://www.smartremaps.co.uk/blog/volkswagen-vw-dpf-removal


    Is the work Guaranteed?

    Yes all our work is Guaranteed. We also have an insurance backed guarantee to the value of £5 Million.

    How long does it take?

    The whole process of physically removing the filter and re-configuring the ECU can be carried out on a Same Day Service. If however the ceramic filter has already been removed and you only require us to re-configure the ECU then this takes approx 2 hours.

    Here is just a sample of the vehicles where Diesel Particulate Filters can be removed, deleted or remapped. Our list of makes and models is always expanding: -

    Alfa Romeo = EDC16 - 17
    Audi = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens PPD
    BMW = EDC16 - 17 tdi dpf
    Chevvy/Chevrolet = EDC16 - 17 dpt
    Citroen = EDC15 - 16 - 17 - SID PSA - Delphi DCM3.x
    Fiat = EDC16 - 17 - Marelli MJD
    Ford = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens SID
    Honda = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens SID
    Hyundai = EDC16 - 17
    Jaguar = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens SID
    Kia = EDC16 - 17
    Lancia = EDC16 - 17
    Lexus = IS220 D4D *NEW*
    Mazda - EDC16 - 17 - Siemens SID
    Mercedes = EDC16 - 17
    Mini = EDC16 - 17
    Nissan = EDC15 - 16 - 17 - SID PSA - Delphi DCM3.x
    Opel = EDC16 - 17 - Marelli MJD
    Peugeot = EDC15 - 16 - 17 - SID PSA - Delphi DCM3.x
    Renault = EDC15 - 16 - 17 - SID PSA - Delphi DCM3.x
    SAAB = EDC16 - 17
    Seat = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens PPD
    Skoda = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens PPD
    Suzuki = EDC16
    Toyota = 2.0 - 2.2 - 3.0 D4D *NEW*
    VAG = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens PPD
    Vauxhall = EDC16 - 17 - Marelli MJD
    Volvo = EDC16 - 17 - Siemens SID
    VW = EDC16 - EDC17 - Siemens PPD


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